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No matter what your tastes are York City is home to special happenings throughout the year. Every day offers a new opportunity to play downtown and discover what makes York a prime place for all things entertainment.


Arts and culture are not only alive and well in York City they’re kicking up their heels, dancing, singing, and making a joyful noise. From captivating events and big-name performance artists to com­munity theater, exhibits, festivals and murals, York offers acts worthy of applause.

At the center of it all is the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center, a leading regional arts presenter. A pair of facility reno­vation and expansion projects has created regional jewels that on any given night might present a Broadway show, a world-renowned classical artist, a leading voice in jazz, or a cut­ting edge performer in Indie Rock music through its Cap Live concert series.

The Kable House Presents is an independent concert series hosted at York’s historic Central Market House and featuring up-and-coming national touring acts in intimate evening performances

Food and beverages are available for purchase from featured Central Market vendors before and during the shows. Kable House Presents is entirely volunteer-driven.

York has earned a reputation as a live music destination and has gained prominence in the national music community over the last several years. Our downtown was fortunate to have two well-established, great-sounding venues at opposite ends of the capacity spectrum: one that accommodates audiences of up to 500 and one that seats up to 50. Bur we were often overlooked for shows in between those sizes, either because they were priced too high for the smaller venue or not able to draw enough of an audience for the larger space. We started Kable House Presents to provide an opportunity to showcase artists from early on in their careers and help them establish an audience in York.

There’s much more, too, including galleries and artists’ studios in downtown York, all of which help to embrace the true “Art and Soul” of York City.


Studio Gallery 234
The Parliament Art Gallery
HIVE artspace
Marketview Arts
York Art Association


Aim your appetite in any direction and your destined to find fantastic fare in York City.  From quaint cafes to candlelight dinners, York City dining will please your palate.

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Historical Attractions

History’s footprints are all over York City. It was in York that delegates to the 2nd Continental Congress met for nine months during the American Revolution, drafting and approving the Articles of Confed­eration. Additionally, many remarkable personages passed through town, including Thomas Paine, the Marquis de Lafayette, General Anthony Wayne, Baron von Steuben and Count Pulaski. Guided tours, living history demonstrations and special events surrounding the Colonial Complex in Downtown York enable you to immerse yourself in this rich history.

Please consider visiting for ways to explore the history of York from those who know it best.

Photo Credit:  Susquehanna Photographic

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